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A little about us.


Our Story

Once upon a time there was no easy media creator. Every day, people made gifs and short videos in bloated, dated software like Photoshop, paying a monthly fee and spending hours learning how to do so. To change this, we made, a free and easy to use short media editor with loads of available effects. In what felt like no time at all, millions of people created gifs using Thanks to our millions of users, we’re able to analyze the videos users are making gifs of, and use that data to do intricate machine learning and computer vision tasks. Thanks to these technologies, and the processes that we’re developing, we can help people make gifs like never before. We like to think of ourselves as an artificial intelligence company first, using the power of gifs to change the video world.

Why gifs?

Gifs are starting to resemble everyday videos. Think about scrolling through your Facebook timeline. Videos are short, auto-play, loop, and start with no sound - they heavily resemble gifs. By creating a consumer platform that allows the internet to easily make gifs, we can gather data and change the video world. Video and the .GIF are changing the way people take in information, and we want to be a part of that process. We actually make .MP4’s too! So not only do we give you the gif, but we also empower you with a fully fledged video (with sound).

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